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Remodelling the past to make way for the future; a bold and brilliant way of hairstyling!

Ryo Yamada, owner of Ai Will co. Sapporo, began his journey as an instructor at Vidal Sassoon. After 10 years therein, he made his way to London, England and began working at SACO. Lastly, Mr. Yamada ventured back to his home country, Japan, to open his now country-wide renowned salon; Ai Will. Director Ryo Yamada has become a role model for the hairstyle community.
Mr. Yamada’s concept, “A dynamic blend of high standard & modernization”, involves a combination of the past and present. Taking the beauty of the classic from the past – hairstyles depicted in movies, music scenes etc., and synthesising that method, forming a new way of hairstyling. Mr. Yamada wishes to preserve the classic, yet compliment it by producing a “revolutionary” hairstyle that breaks out from the norm. When one thinks of universal beauty and looks into the past, one thinks not of the era, but what came out of that generation. Mr. Ai Will styles hair with a different perspective which is exactly what makes his method so unique. (As a side note; Last year out of 100,000 hair style, a mix of the 60s and 90s took 1st place, a somewhat “classic” style that Mr. Ryo Yamada combines in his modernized form of styling).


For those who are top of the class; “products, knowledge and sass”! We, who want to feel young and beautiful forever!

According to Ryo Yamada, one’s hair is not nearly all about the flash and glamour that is portrayed in the media these days. Who has the time to spend hours in the morning before work or school perfecting a style that holds for less that an hour? Or treat a style that has grown out of place within a few weeks? Ai Will will not cut a hairstyle that you, the customer, cannot take care of by yourself. There are two points in Ryo Yamada’s methodology that when applied to a client’s hairstyle, help keep it’s maintenance: “convenience and durability”. The reason that Ryo Yamada’s haircuts are so beloved is because of their realistic outcomes – a method learned during his 10 years at Vidal Sasson and his time involvement with many prestigious hair magazines. Lately, it is uncommon for Salon manager’s to think this way. It’s about bringing the client back to the store, keeping them in need of constant upkeep, not about creating a hairstyle that will keep them away for longer. Ai Will staff members design whilst stressing the importance of high quality. Yamada Ryo is a man with a prestigious background experience. After studying overseas in intensive foreign environments on par with that of Tokyo, he and his co-workers are ready to introduce a quality that is different from anywhere else in Japan. Therefore, we recommend this salon in Sapporo. For those of you who are interested in anything from perms, colouring or just a simple cut, our stylist will respect you as a valued customer and help you to achieve your dream look.

A message from Mr. Yamada himself

Hello everyone, my name is Yamada Ryo, owner of Ai Will. Thank you for taking the time to visit my introduction corner.
It is hard to believe that this shop has been going for over 7 years now. I’m accompanied by co-workers who have joined me here in Sapporo, and granted me the gift of their company for 10, 20 years now. Thanks to these friends who I consider my family, our circle has grown to include family members and acquaintances who are not just our customers, but a part of the shop itself.
I believe strongly that the reason I have made it this far, 15 years of being an instructor, is thanks to the customers themselves. I am so very thankful for my clients who have allowed me to do my job with great pleasure.
If any of you are concerned about your hairstyle, want to try something new or simply have an interest in changing your look, I invite you to join our family at Ai Will, where we will take care of you and help you to enjoy yourself as well.


Head Director’s Credentials

JHA (Japan Hairdressing Awards) (2 x Finalist)
Newcomer of the year finalist
Hair Show History 98~2005 (# in brackets are number of times debuted)
Sapporo Danado (1) Zep Sapporo (1) Asa Hotel (4) Kingumu (2) Factory Hall (3) J-BOX Hall (4) Tokyo Yoyogi Salon (3) Tokyo Ebisu Garden Hall (1) Hilton Hotel (1)
Magazine Debut
(Hair Magazine) Hyankunichiso, # of times of past publishing (14) (3) (1)
(Non specific) Ray, Supur, An An, More, Ar
Vidal Sassoon Instructing 98~03 # License Update (14), 2004~ Freelance, training in London (14).
Frequented lectures on Hair Styling in Sapporo (30~60x per year) Otaru, Asahikawa, Obihiro, Tokyo, Osaka, Yamagata 08~2012 London SACO (Japan) Instructing activity.
Instructed cutting specialists how to cut hair (Tokyo)
Current Goal/Activity: To use hairstyling as a way to bring the Fashion world in Sapporo to life. Then, the entirety of Japan!



Q&AWhat is it that the staff at treasure in their work ethic??
Balance. A combination of the body, mind and technique. The staff start from ground zero and build upon that base, crafting a technique and learning from the next generation, preparing for whatever trend may come their way. It is about going with “the flow”, and as the generation changes, they can adapt upon their base.
This foundation stems from the heart. A combination of the heart and spirit. New members of staff start for the first 1~2 years of their job going through trial and error. This training progress is rigorous and not for the faint of heart. We here at Ai Will believe that if the training process was easy-going from the get go, then their “base” would be something less of a foundation and more of unexperienced technique that could in turn harm the clients. For us, it is about learning from the difficulties, growing up as a person in order to – at the end of the day- become a good employee.
Our staff carry bodies that can stave off sicknesses, work until late hours, run on reserves and overcome hardships that the average working man might not be able to withstand. Yet, this is something you might not notice at a first glance. Of course, we aren’t pushing our bodies past their limits, we are forging a lifestyle that is inherent. Doing what you love, no matter the difficulty required is not just our work ethic, it is a way of life. That is why it is important from the beginning for our staff members to develop a body, mind and spirit that can overcome hardships that ordinary people can not.
Q&AWhat is the technique behind creating a hairstyle that can meet anyone’s demands?
The first step is looking at a person’s hair type and their facial frame. The next is to find out how that person takes care of their hair in the comfort of their home; frizz treatments, blow drier use etc. After therein we can choose a technique that will suit that person individually. From there on it is a matter of communication with customer. Do they want a little fun in their hair? Something perky, exciting and fresh. Or perhaps they want a little bit of a “destructive” look; waves, curls or layers. It is about adherence to the customer and creativity.
After we are finished, we look at how long this hair style will keep until their next appointment. Perhaps, 1 month or 2; it is important to understand how long it takes and advise the person on their upkeep. That is our process.
Q&AThe axis of the job
In European culture, there is a motif held by the people, one that is quite different from Japan; maintaining one’s individuality. For example, African American’s have particularly curly hair and don’t make a habit of straightening these locks out.
Upon my 15 years in London, above all else, I learned the importance behind individuality. That and how to lead my fellow co-workers in this industry. In the midst of that learning process it was the “individuality” – which European’s treasure, that left the biggest imprint upon my method.
Coming back to Japan and opening Ai Will In Sapporo, it is with great joy that I can help our Japanese customers to accept worries or complexes that they might of developed in regards to their hair. For example; split ends, cheek bone structure etc. It is important to help the customer not only overcome these worries, but to help them see the good in these individualities and in turn help them find confidence in what it is that makes them special.
Q&AWhat motivates you to keep you teaching? 
At first I just wanted to learn how to strengthen my method; spend my time deeply involved with Vidal Sassoon, learning about leadership and the technical know-how. It’s incredible to look back and think of all the things that I have achieved, all the things I am able to do now that I wasn’t able to do as a student and to see my students excel so much, is my true happiness. Actually, I believe that by teaching I, myself can grow as a stylist. I look at these kids just getting into the game and think “Wow, I remembered when I first practiced on mannequins,” and then I remember just how old I am getting (This year I’ll be 50). However, even now I spend my days off styling and practicing, forever perfecting the method.
I am a teacher at heart, a leader of incredible staff members, friends and forever a student of the method. My inspiration comes from those around me and the clientele that are left happy at the end of the day.


Ryo Yamada
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